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Plaza Theater

The El Paso Plaza Theater always has different performances going on. Whether it is music performances, dance shows, Christmas plays, or any other kind of performances, you can see them there at the Plaza Theater. Not only are the shows very exciting to watch but the history of the plaza theater is definitely something to hear about and just being in the theater is amazing alone. You can view and buy tickets for the shows on their website.

University of Texas at El Paso

If you have ever been to El Paso then you have probably heard the term “PICKS UP”. Most people think that is a surfing sign of some sort but here in El Paso it stands for a pick axe sign because the UTEP mascot is Paydirt Pete. UTEP is the local university here in El Paso and it has become part of us El Pasoans culture. Whether you go to a Saturday football game, Miner Palooza or Miner basketball games you will see the whole city comes together to support our UTEP Miners. You will soon know what “Picks up” means here in El Paso if you ever move here.

El Paso Museum of Art

If you are looking for something fun to do with the family then you should check out the El Paso Museum of Art. It is located in downtown El Paso and it is something quite interesting to go look at. They usually have different events and activities for kids like camps and classes. You can view their website for times and prices.

El Paso Museum of Archaeology

If you have ever been to El Paso then you know we are located right on the boarder, separating the US and Mexico. We are located right on a mountain as well. The El Paso Museum of Archaeology shows you the history of the El Paso area. You can walk actual trains where they found some pretty interesting things and get tours of the area and museum as well. If you are moving or even planning on visiting El Paso, you should definitely come by this museum and learn the history of the El Paso area.

Thunderbird Mountain/ Star on the Mountain

If you have ever been to El Paso or even just passed through I am sure you have seen a number of designs or weird colors on the mountain. It is quite interesting that we have a huge star on the mountain made of lights. Most people that lived in El Paso and move away say they miss seeing that star. Another unique area on the mountain is the Coronado Thunderbird. You won’t really know much of the history with that unless you went to Coronado high school. There are many legends about how that red clay shaped bird got on the mountain but if you ever get a chance to go look at it, make you sure get at the right angle otherwise it will be hard to make out the shape of the bird. If you ever move to El Paso, one thing you will fall in love with is our beautiful mountains.