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Our Quality

Casas de Leon Quality

the dream of American homeownership

Over 25 years ago, Nick Bombach began in the home building industry as a young apprentice working on jobsites in Far West Texas. Today a Master Builder Developer having successfully built homes, developed communities, and provided mortgages throughout the Midwest and Southwest he has created yet another company dedicated to integrity, family, and the pursuit of the dream of American homeownership.

Casas de Leon understands that your home is your pride, your passion, and your peace as much as it is ours. We are thankful that you have allowed us to partake in your life’s journey and allowed a Casas de Leon home into your family’s life story.

Understanding the peace and security a home provides gives our family at Casas de Leon the inspiration every day to do our very best to deliver a home you can be proud of to you our cherished homebuyer.

We truly realize the importance of your home, your pride and joy and the memories that your family will create in your safe harbor a new Casas de Leon Home.

At Casas de Leon we can deliver to you the pursuit of the dream of American Home ownership and the happiness generations of families all over America have sought and attained.

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