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A truly distinctive foodie culture

Juicery Plus​

Founded by Chef Carlos Padilla and Business Entrepreneur Adrián Guillén, Juicery Plus wants to be a welcoming place for people looking for delicious, real, healthy food and clean eating.

Whether you’re plant based, vegan, vegetarian, carnivore or transitioning to a plant based diet, we have something for you.

Chicos Tacos

If you are planning on coming to El Paso then you need to make sure you go to Chicos Tacos. Chicos Tacos is only located in El Paso TX and because of that you will find a lot of tourist make sure to stop at Chicos Tacos when visiting or even passing through.

Crave Kitchen & Bar

Crave is definitely one of El Paso’s more popular restaurants. Whether you want to enjoy some chicken and waffles or one of their legendary burgers, you will never be disappointed. You will find this restaurant packed full on Tuesday nights when they have their $5 burger special. Don’t miss burger nights on Tuesday at Crave restaurant.

Cattleman’s Steakhouse

If you are in the mood for some amazing BBQ and a fun atmosphere then you should check out Cattleman’s Steak house. Enjoy some delicious food and after have a walk around the ranch and see the different animals, the set of different movies and an area where the kids can play. Their food is definitely worth the drive out there.

L&J Cafe

L&J café is known as the old place by the grave yard and that is exactly what it is. It is a very little restaurant that you will find right across the street from Concordia cemetery. When you go to L&J you don’t just get some great Mexican food but you get a great experience. Most tourists actually stop at L&J when they pass through El Paso. The history that you learn about the place is amazing. The restaurant is said to haunted and you will hear some spooky stories from the staff but the food and atmosphere is really one of a kind and L&J.