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Kinective Fitness

Any gym can promise a challenging workout. At Kinective, we think beyond the body. Our 39,000 square foot, world-class facility provides a personalized, premium fitness experience that’s uniquely designed to improve your mind, body, and soul.

Spouts Farmers Market

If you are looking for a grocery store to buy more organic and healthy foods then you should check out Sprouts. There are now two locations in El Paso. One on the far East side and one on the West side. This is definitely the place to shop at if you are looking to move to a healthier lifestyle.

Whole Food Market

If you are looking to start eating heathier then you should check out Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods makes it so much easier when shopping because you can order your groceries and just go pick them up and they will have them all ready or they have prepared meals. This store definitely makes it a lot easier grocery shopping.


If you have ever visited El Paso then you will know we have a gym on almost every corner. You will find getting a membership here is very simple. Whether you want to join a CrossFit class or just a simple gym membership, you will always be near a gym here in El Paso. Our major gyms are Planet Fitness, Golds Gym, Anytime Fitness, Push Fitness and many more.

Get Lifted Crossfit Gym

Get Lifted Gym was established in 2008 by 8 year NFL veteran Paul Smith. After his career in the league, he and his wife began CrossFit personal training out of their garage. In only 1 year their clientele outgrew the small space. Get Lifted has expanded 3 times since then and now has the biggest facility in Texas.

Hospital of Providence

The hospital of Providence is one of the more popular hospitals in El Paso. This is the hospital you will most likely find near your home is you were to buy a Casas de Leon home. Our Community of Tierra de Este is located near Joe Battle and only 5 to 10 minutes away from Providence hospital East. This hospital is still very new and a very pretty looking building. If you ever have an emergency then you know this hospital is not too far away and it is a great hospital at that too.